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I understand that should I wish to help children, young persons or vulnerable people and have not undergone a CRB/DBS check, it will usually be necessary to apply for disclosure of any information held. I agree that RSVP West may supply the data I give here to its users in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
If available, please also supply a passport-sized photograph of yourself (13⁄4" deep x 11⁄4" wide). If you don't have a copy you can email, then please post this separately to Regional Coordinator, RSVP, The CREATE Centre, Smeaton Road, Bristol, BS1 6XN with your name printed on the back.
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If you are applying to be a driver, please give details about your vehicle, or else continue to the 'Help us to help you' section below.

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Helping the elderly,frail or houseboundDriving (own car)Helping in SchoolsAdult LiteracyLay Assessor RSVP/Alive! Activity SessionsThe Matthew at Bristol HarboursideOffice / ITKnittingTeam Coordinator
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Please ensure that you have confirmed your gender and have ticked the box before the sentence “I understand that should I wish to help children” – this is required for the form to be successfully sent.