What the Guests Say


“….. It is nice gathering together and chatting to people, I don’t do anything else, so I look forward to coming. ……”  (89 years)

“….. It is wonderful how we are picked up.  It is amazing that people give of their time and do this with a smile.  Wish I was young enough to help. ….”   (98.5 years)

“ …. I like everything, I like, the entertainment, the exercise, the music and the singers.  Today we were learning new things about music and movement. …..” (89 years)

“….. I think it’s really nice to eat in company, I find I cannot eat out on my own.  The sheer delight of being driven in a car instead of a bus or a taxi, to be looked after, totally different to a taxi, you have a conversation. …..”  (81 years)

“ …. Being partially sighted I really appreciate the lifts. ………” (89 years)

“ ….. It is good to meet people from my own community.  Make new friends….” (75 years)

“ …. I really enjoy the music and movement. ….”  (98.5 years)

“ …. I enjoy the outings, the talks and generally meeting people…..”  (89 years)

“….. I like to go on outings it takes you out of yourself. ….”

“….. I love speaking to the people and getting to know them. ….”

“….. I really I enjoyed my first visit, I really enjoyed the speaker today and people were very friendly. …..” (83 years)


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