Volunteer Information

We work mainly in teams in order to recreate the fellowship we all enjoyed during our working lives.

If you do decide to join us we will ask you to:
• choose which activity(ies) you become involved with – if necessary we can help you decide from the many opportunities;
• decide how much time you would like to donate and when;
• most importantly, keep to the commitments you make to the clients you have offered to help.

All out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed, excellent personal accident and third party insurance cover is provided, as is any necessary training.

Lots of research has shown that staying active by volunteering results in better physical and mental health and a longer life so why not come and join us – volunteering is ‘serious fun’ and very rewarding!

To download an RSVP Membership Application Form use this link,General membership form
Or, if you would like to have an informal no-commitment chat about the 
many opportunities, please contact the relevant RSVP Organiser or the Regional Coordinator