BANES & South Glos. RSVP School Volunteers Enjoying a Get Together

Published on August 8, 2016 under News
Smiles after an enjoyable meal and pleasent company

Smiles after an enjoyable meal and pleasant company

There was the annual summer get together for volunteers who help in schools in BANES and South Glos.

It was attended by 12 volunteers and took place on 21st July at the Bathwick Boatman in Bath. It was an enjoyable evening despite the rain meaning we were unable to take advantage of the veranda for drinks

Empty plates - a sign of an enjoyable feast!

Empty plates – a sign of an enjoyable feast!

Many expressed appreciation to RSVP for organising the event . One volunteer wrote ‘Thank you for organising . I really enjoyed the meal yesterday- it was good to meet some of the other volunteers” . Another said” I really enjoyed myself and couldn’t believe how quickly it was time to leave.”

As our volunteers working in schools often don’t have opportunities to meet others,  the annual summer meal is an occasion volunteers have come to value.


A BIG Thank You from RSVP West !