Reactions to our schools service

Paul Falkus, Head Teacher of Bathampton Primary School: ( June 2016)

We were delighted to be contacted by Joan Whitehead from RSVP to ask if we would be interested in accepting volunteers to listen to our pupils read and were thrilled to welcome Mark and Susan, who have generously volunteered their time to assist children with their reading once a week.

The reading sessions are very popular and the children are always very enthusiastic to read. 

The help offered by these lovely volunteers is proving to make a real difference, boosting the children’s confidence and enjoyment of reading. Quite apart from that, they are benefiting from the life experience and wisdom of senior members of the community.

July 2017
Dear Joan
Thank you for this. We love having Mark and Susan in the school. They are always friendly, interested, engaging, appropriate, life enhancing and making a difference. Not sure  about exemplary but we do try! Have a great summer. 
Best wishes, Paul
Head of Bathampton 
Hi Joan, Thank you so much for finding Jacqui, she has been a wonderful addition 
to our team. She is excellent with the children.
Please do consider us if you have anyone else who would like to volunteer. 
I hope you have a relaxing summer. 

Many thanks Grant

Head of Swainswick Primary School July 2017
Sian Grindle, Assistant Headteacher, Bathesaton Primary School (July 2018):

Jane has been incredible and I am grateful that she spends her time with us on Mondays.
Stella Pakeman, Head of English,St Marks Secondary School, Bath (July 2018)

Ede is a much appreciated volunteer in the school who makes a significant contribution to many pupils.
This is a quote from Ed Harker, the head at St Saviour's Infant Church School .

"We love having RSVP volunteers and have enjoyed welcoming them into our school . Firstly because they're so helpful, giving extra reading support to pupils or helping out on extended projects for example. But also because they extend our school community's diversity! Many of our pupils have grandparents and older relatives that live far away, so can miss out on the experience of regularly playing, learning and just spending time with older people

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