Musical Activities Details

We are looking for volunteers, over the age of 50 years, to lead musical activity sessions in Bristol’s  care homes and to join our team of volunteers currently running these sessions.

Care home residents are amongst the most vulnerable in the community and are mostly isolated from the outside world. These sessions bring them great joy and happiness and lights up their week, which delights our volunteers.

Who are we looking for?

We find that people who like to sing and enthuse others love this volunteering role. If you also play an instrument whether you can sing or not, this really adds to the enjoyment of the session. You need to have the confidence to stand up in front of a group of older people leading the singing or playing your instrument and encouraging the group to join in. Being able to have fun is also an important part of this role. Our volunteers who have been running these groups for a long time get so much out of it and say it is the most worthwhile time of their week.

The mostly weekly sessions are usually run mid morning or early afternoon to suit you and the care home.

Practical Considerations

You don’t need any particular experience, just a willingness to have a go, love to sing, possibly play  an instrument and enthuse others to have fun.

It is helpful if you are able to get around Bristol. Although we try to place volunteers in their locality, this is not always possible.

We provide good training and support. We provide all the equipment you may need and pay all out of pocket expenses including mileage in the Bristol area.

We ask for a commitment for up to one year and the ability to offer weekly sessions of one hour to care homes.

Our volunteers say:

 ‘I absolutely love running these sessions.’

‘They, the group, are my friends now and I am family.’

‘I have so much fun and it is wonderful to see them come alive during the session.’

 If this opportunity appeals to you please do contact us for more information at:


Tel: 0117 9628 649


Tel: 0117 942 3085

We will be delighted to hear from you